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About CREO

Founded in 2015, CREO exists to further UWF’s research mission, create economic opportunity and strengthen ties between the University and the community.


    Whether funding research to find innovative solutions to real life challenges or providing economic growth opportunities for businesses, the Center for Research and Economic Opportunity (CREO) at the University of West Florida works to foster the creation of knowledge and enhance the economic development in Northwest Florida.

    Our mission is to advance the University’s strategic research activities and the economic development interests of Floridians.

    Our Team

    • brice_harris

      Dr. Brice F. Harris

      Assistant Vice President for Research and Economic Opportunity

      Phone: 850.698.2107

      email: bharris@uwf.edu

    • donovan_chau

      Dr. Donovan C. Chau

      Director, Strategy and Engagement

      Phone: 626.344.5627

      email: dchau@uwf.edu

    • jeff_cassady

      Jeffrey Cassady, J.D.

      Assistant Director for Communications

      Phone: 850.473.7541

      email: jcassady@uwf.edu

    • michael_spooney

      Michael Spooneybarger

      Visual Media Coordinator

      Phone: 850.473.7544

      email: mspooneybarger@uwf.edu

    • daniel_mota

      Daniel Mota

      Web & Digital Media Coordinator

      Phone: 850.474.2822

      email: dmota@uwf.edu

    • grace_mcaffrey

      Grace Resendez McCaffery

      Public Relations Coordinator

      Phone: 850.473.7540

      email: gmccaffery1@uwf.edu

    • brandy_allport

      Brandy Allport

      Writing Coordinator

      Phone: 850.473.7543

      email: ballport@uwf.edu

    • richard_conn

      Richard Conn

      Writing Coordinator

      Phone: 850.474.7545

      email: rconn@uwf.edu

    • mike_ensley

      Mike Ensley

      Writing Coordinator

      Phone: 850.473.7542

      email: kensley@uwf.edu