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By supporting faculty research activities at UWF, we cultivate an academic environment that stimulates intellectual vitality, enriches student learning and enhances their professional development. From equipment purchase funds to research fellowship awards, discover the funding opportunities available to UWF faculty members.

Dr. Jocelyn Evans , Associate Dean of CASSH

“I love connecting with students and seeing them evolve intellectually during their time at UWF.”


Dr. John Worth , Associate Professor of Anthropology

“I try to teach all my students the process through which all of us continue learning. I want to give them the tools and the inspiration they need to undertake their own research.”


Lesley Summerville , Exercise Science Adjunct Professor

“The goal of my study is to develop a valid and reliable instrument to explore preservice teacher’s goals for teaching and modeling healthy lifestyle practices.”


Innovative Interdisciplinary Research Grant

This competitive program provides funds to support and encourage individual faculty members to form multidisciplinary teams to secure proof of concept, with a goal of successfully competing for future sponsored research opportunities.

Funds are also available as seed grants for multidisciplinary teams to develop new and innovative research directions. We will be particularly interested in proposals that position the university to compete in emerging areas of significant research funding, e.g. climate change, resilience, cybersecurity, advanced materials, advanced manufacturing, affordable health care, health, etc. Applicants should consult with their Dean about areas of special interest to the College.

Projects with cross-college collaboration, working with faculty from other universities, or international collaborations are heavily favored. An explicit strategy for securing external funding must be outlined. The proposal must describe how the initial joint efforts will result in new research or creative activities that will lead to external funding, and how UWF will benefit from the establishment of new multidisciplinary research. The grant must identify an external agency funding mechanism that the team will commit to applying for.

New Faculty Research Grant

The New Faculty Research Grant is designed to support research and creative activities of junior faculty members developing their research. In order to be eligible for this program, the applicant must be pre-tenured and have been with the university in a tenure-track position less than three (3) years.

The goal of the program is to support and encourage the development of strong programs of research and creative scholarship by early-career faculty members throughout the University.

In general, grants are expected to be in the range of approximately $2,000 to $10,000.

Field Research Support Grant

The Faculty Field Research Support Grant is designed to support research and creative activities of faculty members gathering data from the field (includes field/ground research and archival research; gathering pilot data).

The FRS Grants are considered startup funds for research, in that they should lead to the growth and development of continuing research programs. They are not a source of continuing support for an ongoing program, nor should they be viewed as an alternative source of funds for programs already developed to a level that normally would justify support from external agencies nor travel funds to attend professional meetings.

Proposals will be peer reviewed by subcommittees selected according to research discipline and maybe externally reviewed. Research and creative activities will be broadly interpreted; therefore, a wide range of activities can be supported Faculty members are encouraged to submit proposals for projects that will produce future externally funded support.

Research Pilot Grant

The Research Pilot Grant is designed to support research and creative activities of faculty members gathering data. In order to be eligible for this program, the applicant must be with the university in a tenure-track position.

CREO/CASSH Summer Fellowship

CREO with the support of CASSH will launch the 2017 Summer Fellowship initiative for faculty in the arts, social sciences and humanities departments. The request for proposals will include both existing creative/research projects or new projects.

Faculty who received a UWF Fellowship award in the past two years would not be eligible to participate in this competition. In addition to beginning or completing scholarly projects, the Summer Fellowships in Humanities may also be used for professional development.

Subvention Fund

Recognizing that the cost of publication of scholarly books sometimes falls at least partially on the shoulders of the scholar, the Associate Vice President for Research and Economic Development will provide funding to Faculty for creative and scholarly book subventions. Applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis by CREO and are awarded through the academic year. Only faculty authors with a signed book contract from an appropriate press are eligible to apply.

Up to $2,500 – cost sharing from the applicant’s department is encouraged.

The GROW Institute

Sponsored by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, the GROW Institute is a multi-tiered, intensive one-year experience designed to support faculty members through the process of writing one or more substantial external grant proposals to fund their research and resubmitting their grants after review. This program provides course release time for faculty to write their proposal and provides training for participants in effectively communicating their ideas for all types of external funding agencies.

The Hoyt Informatics Mentorship Grant

A specific goal of this grant is to promote opportunities for students to work closely with a faculty mentor (open to all UWF faculty) in developing a research project that will result in a data-driven paper for presentation at an academic conference and/or for publication.

In general, grants are expected to be in the range of approximately $2,000 to $10,000.

Research Equipment Enhancement Program

The Research Equipment Enhancement Program supports the purchase or development of research equipment to be used by groups of investigators, working together or separately, on innovative projects that already have or have the potential for sustainable external support. Investigators may derive from a focused research network or may be programmatically unrelated and originate from different academic units and schools across campus.

The maximum award will be on the order of $200,000 and all funds must be spent within six months of the award date.

Postdoctoral Associates

The Center for Research and Economic Opportunity (CREO) has encumbered funding sufficient to support 25 postdocs for two (2) years. Postdoctoral associates are academic employees who conduct research, teach, or provide service that enhances career skills or allows for opportunities to learn new research or teaching techniques. They are trained by and work in conjunction with a faculty mentor who determines the training agenda.

$47,670 per year plus fringe benefits; $2,000 is available for recruitment or to purchase a laptop for the postdoctoral associate. All equipment will become property of the department.

External Funding Opportunities - PIVOT

Looking for external funding sources? Pivot can assist you in finding appropriate funding opportunities and collaborators who are working in the same area of interest. It provides the most comprehensive, editorially maintained database of funding opportunities for research, fellowships and travel grants. For additional training and support, contact Monica Vandenberg at RSP.