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    One of UWF’s strategies for success has centered on cultivating long-term relationships and partnerships with the local community, businesses and government.

    CREO supports the economic development in Northwest Florida by providing technical assistance in the form of information, data analysis, and implementation of specific projects and programs. Check out the state funded grants and programs CREO is currently offering to enterprises.

    Northwest Florida Asset Valuation & Marketing Support Program


    The Northwest Florida Asset Valuation and Marketing Support program makes awards of up to $20,000 available to municipalities, economic development organizations and nonprofits in the 16-county Northwest Florida region. The funds can be used to offset the cost of hiring UWF students, staff and faculty to conduct market studies, create promotional campaigns or deliver other services that can help you market your area.


    Program is only open to nonprofit entities. It will remain open until all its funds are allocated.

    Northwest Florida Industry Research Matching Grants Program


    The Northwest Florida Industry Research Matching Grants Program makes awards available to help businesses identify and develop intellectual property that holds the potential for commercialization.


    Although projects may be from any discipline, proposals are particularly encouraged in the areas of aerospace, information or marine technologies, microelectronics, and telecommunications. The program will remain open until all $1.5 million is awarded.

    Industry Recruitment Retention Expansion Fund


    The Industry Recruitment Retention Expansion Fund is a grant program created by the Governor and Legislature of the State of Florida, and administered by the University of West Florida’s Office of Economic Development and Engagement (OEDE), to aid the Disproportionately Affected Counties of Northwest Florida in their Economic Recovery from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill of 2010.


    Required ROI: 1.5
    Capital investment is required
    Minimum creation of 10 net new jobs in rural areas; 30 job minimum elsewhere
    Limited to the 8 disproportionately affected counties